globe-finalWe meet our Clients, introduce Asia Pacific Impex  to them. We understand the complete requirements of  their project. All the queries of the Clients are answered during the meetings. Our working methodology is explained in detail during this process.


bulb-finalWe analyze the Clients’ requirements and propose feasible solutions and options to Clients which can satisfy their needs. Handheld guidance is given to our Clients on sourcing markets and various products like furniture, lights, tiles, marbles, etc.


zoom-finalWe provide complete sourcing and supplier verification services to help manage the client’s entire China sourcing process from finding manufacturers, to negotiating prices and from quality control to managing the shipping process. We give handheld guidance on sourcing markets and products like furniture, lights, tiles, marbles, etc. We source, inspect, and ship directly to your project site. We provide comprehensive sourcing, supplier/manufacturer verification, quality inspection, translation and import management services. Through our “supplier verification services” we also help carry out a thorough background check of the suppliers background to avoid frauds. Due to our experienced sourcing specialists as well as factory relationships and trade volumes, we are able to procure best prices. We ensure that the deadlines are respected and most importantly agreed quality standards are met.


plane-finalAs part of our co-ordination services, we also provide miscellaneous services to our Clients and manage and plan our client’s China visit from Visa procedures, booking of hotels, to arranging factory visits and scholarships with writing thesis proposal june 2016 deadlines providing translators.Everything is taken care of by us to provide nothing but the best to our clients.


inquiry-finalAs part of our sourcing and quality control services, we also provide miscellaneous services and manage and plan our client’s China visit from booking hotels, to arranging factory visits and providing translators.

This ensures that the clients can maximize the results of their China visit. The translators play a great role in helping clients who want to go through the product selection process themselves in China. Other than guiding our clients to the right vendors, markets and manufacturers, our translators also help with negotiations with the manufacturers on the client’s behalf in the client’s presence, ensuring that there is complete transparency of prices agreed with the manufacturer.


note-finalWe have developed an elaborate quality control system suited to the industry which enables us to substantially reduce the risk of importing products from various vendors from China. It is the little details that we work hard to quantify, but the assumptions are a key risk. The other is a slight risk of delay in shipping, or slight risk of damage in transit.. Customs formalities or weather can also become a bottleneck. We insure all goods, inspect before shipment, and use the best of our experience to check all that we can, but as mentioned, it is the small oversights that will catch us off guard for which we meticulously take care. There can be a range of potential issues, which is why we are perfect to help you; we have experience to guide matters. But even where there are issues which are grey as to who is at fault, we work to resolve any problems, and move on to get the next shipment perfect.


container-finalHere we do consolidation of materials, planning for export on basis of weight and cubic meter of the products ordered and accordingly arrange for containers to optimize shipping costs. As a third party inspection company we only use trained quality control inspectors who ensure that the goods conform to the standards set by the client and agreed with the supplier.Inspectors use the latest testing methodologies and our intensive inspection experience ensures that defective or sub-standard products are spotted before you make the final payment to your supplier. Some of the key inspection criteria include quantity, appearance of products, workmanship, production functions, colors, dimensions, weight, labeling and logos, packaging, and any other specific requirements as requested by client.


trollyfinalWe do container-wise planning and management for loading of materials in the assigned containers and for that we also make sure that Pre-loading inspection of goods is done thoroughly. Once the good arrive at the port (sea or air), we help clear all the customs and pay duty and taxes and get the documents done for shipment.The Loading of material is done with proper packaging to make sure the products are delivered in good condition without being damaged on the way.


shippping-finalShipping your goods to your destination is so important that you do not want to see any delays. We would not only source the fastest shipping company but also get lowest possible fare. Our balanced approach not only helps you save time but also save money on shipping costs and other hidden costs while ensuring systematic export documentation is in place. As soon as the space is booked in the Ship for your consignment we keep regular track of your container. By tracking we are well in advance to get the customs check as soon as the shipment is arrived at Indian port. The container number and other codes of reference along with the details of shipping lines and other documents are provided so that clients can track down the course of their goods off-shore (sea) and on-shore (land). The same shall be applicable for air shipment.


truck-finalWe coordinate every chain of logistics to ensure that the goods reach the client timely and in proper conditions. In case of discrepancies we help clients to solve them by co-ordinating with vendors.